Keynotes & Addresses

Zeynep Aycan

Keynote title: “Next generation leadership: Transforming the culture of power to empowerment”

Allan B. I. Bernardo

Keynote title: Crossing Cultures: Polyculturalism as Cultural Lay Theory and as Framework for Studying Culture in Psychology 

Marwan Dwairy

Keynote title: From psycho-analysis to culture-analysis 

” IACCP Honorary Fellow 2022

Patricia Greenfield

Distinguished Professor of Psychology
University of California, Los Angeles   
Visiting Scholar, Department of Human Evolutionary Biology   
Harvard University

Keynote title: Culture Change in the Pandemic: Adapting to Survival Threat and Small-Scale Social Environments

Igor Grossmann

Keynote title: Explanation and prediction of cultural change

Takeshi Hamamura

Keynote title: A cultural psychological analysis of cultural change

Harry and Pola Triandis Doctoral Thesis Award Address

Kongmeng Liew

Nara Institute of Science and Technology

Title: Machine learning for exploring cultural differences: A case study on danceability and negative affect

“Walter J. Lonner Distinguished Invited Lecture”

Pippa Norris


Title: Trust in Government Redux: The role of information environments and cognitive skills

Janak Pandey

Keynote title: Cultural and Indigenous Approaches: Disorganized Present and Ambitious Future of Psychology in India

Christian Welzel

Keynote title: “Why the West is so ‘WEIRD’: The Cool Water Theory of Global Cross-Cultural Variation”

“Early Career Award”

Liman Man Wai Li

Assistant professor, The Education University of Hong Kong

Keynote title: Culture and Responses to Environmental Issues