Evolving Culturally Grounded Perspectives in Psychology: Viewpoints from the South Asian Region

Invited Symposium from the National Academy of Psychology (NAOP, India) and the South and Southeast Asia regions

Chair: Shagufa Kapadia

Brief description: The symposium will discuss the need to consider paradigms and approaches emerging from majority world cultures, particularly South Asia, and underscore engagement with alternate perspectives to contribute to a more holistic and inclusive psychology. 

Participants: Piyanjali De Zoysa, Kumar Ravi Priya, Asoke Kumar Saha, Anila Kamal

Experimental Studies on Conceptual Learning and Gender Awareness Development in Preschool Children

Invited Symposium from Nanjing Normal University (People’s Republic of China), for the East Asian Region

Chair: Zhu Deng

Brief description: New research from developmental psychologists at the School of Psychology at Nanjing Normal University (NNU) examines children’s classification related to gender, shapes, and space.

Participants: Kaixuan ZHANG, Xiaoling HE, Zixing LIU, Yu DU, Jinjin WU, Liqin TAN,

How social, political, and environmental challenges affect cultural change and individual ideology

Invited Symposium from the Asian Association of Social Psychology (AASP)

Chair: Sylvia Xiaohua Chen

Brief description: This Invited Symposium is organized by the Asian Association of Social Psychology (https://asiansocialpsych.org/about-us/), with an aim to address how social, political, and environmental challenges affect cultural change and individual ideology.

Participants: Liman Man Wai Li, Huajian Cai, Roomana N. Siddiqui, Minoru Karasawa

The interplay between minority inclusion and exclusion: Cross-cultural perspectives

Invited Symposium from the European Association for Social Psychology (EASP), for the European Region

Chair: Tabea Hässler

Brief description: This symposium brings together research that will extend our understanding of in- and exclusion processes of and identification with multiple minority groups across a variety of national and cultural contexts.

Participants: Christian Staerklé, Barbara Lášticová, Tabea Hässler, Anca Minescu, Jozefien De Leersnyder,

Current advances in cultural neuroscience

Special Topic Invited Symposium: Cultural Neuroscience and Cultural Change

Chair: Keiko Ishii

Brief description: We introduce current findings of a variety of empirical studies which contribute to the advancement of knowledge of how cultural and biological factors interact, and discuss the implications of cultural change for cultural neuroscience.

Participants: Siyang Luo, Yusuke Moriguchi, Keiko Ishii,

Culture, Multiculturalism, and Intercultural Relations: The Past, Present, and Future

Invited Symposium from the International Academy for Intercultural Research (IAIR)

Chair: Saba Safdar

Brief description: In this invited symposium, past, current, and incoming Presidents of the International Academy for Intercultural Research (IAIR) present their work on culture, multiculturalism, and intercultural relations.

Participants: David Sam, Adam Komisarof, Saba Safdar, Steve Kulich

Value Change with Implications for Cultural Change: Are There Pandemic Effects?

Special Topic Invited Symposium: Values and Cultural Change

Chair: Anat Bardi

Brief description: Value change studies including in the pandemic will be presented. A 12-year Dutch study will show mostly generational value differences and little change. Shorter studies in Japan and Australia will show changes in the pandemic towards conservatism.

Participants: Ingmar Leijen, Plamen Akaliyski, Ella Daniel

Gender equality and social change through the lens of cross-cultural psychology.

Special Topic Invited Symposium: Gender and Social Change

Chair: Natasza Kosakowska-Berezecka

Brief description: Four presentations will showcase results obtained using impressive cross-cultural datasets which allow for a better understanding of the complex ways that gender roles contribute to global and societal inequality.

Participants: Maria Olsson, Allon Vishkin, Natasza Kosakowska-Berezecka, Saba Safdar,

Indigenous Approaches in Psychology: Connection and Engagement

Invited Symposium from the Insular Pacific Region

Chair: Jaimee Stuart

Brief description: This symposium combines Indigenous approaches from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Māori, and Pasifika perspectives, centralising philosophies, methods of dialogue, partnership processes, and lived experiences of First Nations peoples.

Participants: Tia Neha, Raelene Ward, Tyler Ritchie, Mele Taumoepeau

Around the World in (over) 80 Traits: Human Universals and Cultural Specifics of Personality Structure

Invited Symposium from the Association for Research in Personality (ARP), for the North American Region

Chair: Ted Schwaba

Brief description: We showcase the rich variety in how different cultures conceptualize and describe personality, and we present recent efforts to identify universal structural elements of personality. Official symposium of the Association for Research in Personality

Participants: Khairul Mastor, Sumaya Laher, Ted Schwaba, Gerard Saucier, Kendall Mather