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For our Congress theme of “Culture Change: Past, Present and Future,” Yoshi and Emi Kashima remind us to “take stock and ask where we have come from in the past, how culture and psychology are constituted at present, and where we are going in the future.” A theme highly relevant to both psychology and IACCP’s 50th anniversary!
For this year’s Congress, IACCP’s most familiar faces will join us to celebrate the Golden Jubilee. Here’s a warm welcome from Walter J. Lonner, who was also the president and organizer in 1998 of IACCP’s Silver Jubilee Congress. He introduces the panel that he and Debbie Best will host this year:

We are pulling out all the stops to promote theoretical, methodological, and cultural diversity this year. In addition to our exciting lineup of Keynote Speakers, we will have a beginner-oriented workshop on Qualitative Methods, hosted by the beloved Prof. Kumar Ravi Priya; Provocation Sessions on issues of culture and methodology, to stimulate discussion and new research; and Invited Symposia on special topics and featuring regional psychology organizations, who will also host satellite events around the world—find out more from your Regional Representative. 
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